Things you will relate if you can’t save

Check out the things you will understand if you seriously can’t save some enough:

Savings is something everybody craves for but practically most of us are unable to do it. Every month we promise to ourselves to save more than half of our salary but at last are left with only some pennies. Saving sadly never happens! Here are the things that people who can’t save would relate themselves with, take a look.

All your outings are restricted to the beginning of the month

You plan all your parties in the starting month as at last you always run out of cash.

The concept of saving sounds alien to you


You cannot save irrespective of repetitive efforts. Saving is not your cup of tea and when somebody asks about it, it feels like an alien question for you that you do not want to answer.

Your bank account is always close to its minimum balance


The worst part is your bank account always stays to its minimum balance. No matter how much your salary is, the account always shows “Low Balance”!

You always promise to save


As soon as the salary arrives you promise yourself to save this month but end up with borrowing from someone!

You are always clueless about where you spend


At the end of the day you are clueless where all your salary goes and where it was spent. You do not have any idea about your expenditures!

Sometimes seeing the account balance you feel like crying


Your expenses are more and earning is less! So you feel like crying every time you see your account balance.

Sometimes at shopping you avoid going to specific shops


Its mid-month and your friend have taken you to company her over shopping. This is where you avoid looking at things as you know the more you would explore is the more you would want to buy them. Remembering the account balance you just avoid exploring.

Birthdays need to be planned before!


It’s the birthday of your best friend and you just want the best gift for her. Inside yourself you know your salary would not support it. The best solution is to save before or avoid spending on other major things in the month to buy her gift.