Embarrassing thoughts we all have while working-out

Funny thoughts that strike our mind while working out:

Almost everyone wishes to have that perfectly toned body. Going to the gym usually makes us full of excitement. But along with all this, it also leads to a flood of funny thoughts while we start working out.

Whether we are on a treadmill or doing pushups it makes us conscious for the reasons that will just make you go lolz. So check out these embarrassing thoughts that we all get while working out:

Oh My God! I hope I don’t look funny while working out.

This trainer is just so hot. “I can daily come on time to see him”!

I will become so slim that my Ex will definitely regret.

Oh No, I hope I don’t fart while doing sit-ups.

Oh Man, This girl was so fat when I first saw her, look at her now she has reduced so much. Come on now I also have to get pumped up!

Why do my boobs bounce so much while working out? It really looks weird!

I wish I look sexy while walking on the treadmill.

Ahhhh, Tired of hearing their boring playlist. I should play my songs.

I should totally treat myself to a chocolate cake for working out for 2 consecutive days.

Shit, I think that hot guy is not there today!

Why everybody is staring at me? Am I wearing something really funny or is it too tight?

Oh God, this girl has come here for exercising or for clubbing? Somebody must tell her how to dress up for the gym.

I don’t know for how much time will I have to sweat so hard? I just want to look attractive so that everyone’s eyes are on me!

Maybe a little concealer under my eyes would make me look more alive while gymming.