Whole30: The tough yet effective diet

Developed by husband-wife team Dallas and Mellisa Hartwig, Whole30 diet is a month long clean eating programme that promises emotional, health and beauty benefits. Some consider it as a change in lifestyle and not a mere diet change as it aims to reset the metabolism and almost changes the relationship with food. Once in a blue moon you might have heard of Whole30 diet as it is one of the most trending diets after Paleo.

Whole30 Menu

fresh salad/freedigitalphotos
Fresh salad/freedigitalphotos

This not-so-simple diet absolutely eliminates alcohol, grains, dairy, sugar, legumes, hummus, cheese, yogurt, cereal, sandwiches and cheating. Yes, this diet demands 100% dedication without cheating. Whole30 diet wants you to forget that chicken paleo pizza or coconut pancakes. It just wants to make you learn to enjoy clean, simple and whole grain food that shall fuel your body. Never treat it as a liquid diet as it does not set a calorie intake limit.

You can eat You can’t eat
Nuts and seeds Dairy
Vegetables Alcohol
Eggs Sugar (including honey and artificial sweeteners)
Seafood Grains (Oats, rice, corn)
Meat Legumes (beans, peanuts and chickpeas)
Processed Food

How to do it!

slimmer waist/freedigitalimages
slimmer waist/freedigitalimages

Start NOW. Count from today as tomorrow never comes. Stock your refrigerator with eggs, fresh vegetables, chicken breast etc. In short, make your fridge fat proof. Take eggie breakfast; kill your mid-day hunger with fruits. Most probably, by mid-day you may feel almost dead. Solution is, take a nap. A sound sleep is much needed while you are on Whole30 diet. Again go for fruit treat as evening snack, fresh veggies shall also work. For first 1 and a half week you’ll want the food you have just promised to leave. Don’t worry! It is a matter of time, by the beginning of 2nd week your taste buds will get used to of clean food. If you consider yourself as over-achiever, go for exercise too. Here are some tips to make your just-a-month diet simpler:

  • Plan in advance: Whole30 is a diet which requires lot of patience. So, make a day ahead plan and diet stress free.
  • Pour creativity: 101% you are going to crave for pizza in between! What to do? Simply have colorful fresh veggie stuffed cauliflower leaf based pizza. After all you wished for a ‘pizza’ right? (Wink)
  • Do with a partner: Having a competition always nourish you with great willpower. There should be at least one strong willed partner to bring you back to your plan.
  • Get Inspired: Dig Instagram and find #Whole30. You’ll get 100s of inspirations there and you’ll finally realize that it’s not only you who is going through this tough phase. There are many happy souls finding their way with Whole30.