10 things never to say to a full-figured woman

Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi

We all have been there once, piling the kilos and then the comments start pouring in. “you seem rounder”, “have you gained?”. During my massive yo-yo phases on my fatter days, I hear a lot of things. Things which demotivate me, irritate me and mostly want me to yell it out, “I don’t care!”

So we at Team AAW asked full-figured girls about what all they hate hearing. Here are 10 things never to say to a full-figured woman:

  1. Don’t wear that

I’m sick of wearing the clothes this world accepts as fat people clothes. Wear what you like seriously there are too many norms in this world to let your clothing become one.

  1. Don’t you want to lose weight?

Who doesn’t? Being fat or thin has nothing with not wanting to lose. We fat people know how much we want to lose. It’s a fight and we all have been there at some point. This comment is usually insensitive.

  1. Are you bloated?

Being fat and being bloated is not the same. It’s not like someone filled us with air one fine day.

Dessert Treat

  1. Do you still want dessert?

I hate it when people scrutinize my food. Yes I want my dessert and please make that two when people dole out such comments.

  1. You are curvy

We all know what curvy is. This is never a compliment and curvy doesn’t mean anything to me, I’m not Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardarshian/facebook
  1. Your face looks heavy

We all have different areas of weight gain. So what if my face is heavy, that is not a compliment and I hate it when people comment on my face. Honestly I can contour it to a better jaw line than you!

  1. Do you want to exercise?

Yes like most of the world would and cannot. Do you with your ‘lesser’ weight love exercising? No? Well same here.

  1. You would look so pretty if you lose weight

This is the worst. It degrades my self confidence in a way like no other. Please chant after me, “I’m pretty, no matter what they say”.


  1. Why did you let yourself gain weight?

Would anyone do that? Weight gain happens for reasons other than stuffing your face. No one lets themselves gain.

  1. I’m sure you are hungry

Yes! And I want you for dinner!

No matter what they say, please remember yourself. You are you and accepting yourself will the world a better place for you.