5 Tips for Increasing Height in Teens After Puberty 

Check out some tips to increase height in teens after puberty:

Height is the human’s body natural phenomenon wherein, several factors like genes, diet, hormones play a significant role in its overall growth and development. From the age of 1 till puberty people grow 2 inches taller every year and once after hitting puberty, this growth either slows down or gets fully stopped.


Genes are natural and account for 60-80% of height that cannot be controlled by us but diet account for 20-40% which can be completely managed and controlled via which height can be increased ever after puberty. Here are 5 interesting tips specifying how to grow taller after puberty: 


Balanced Diet: Protein, minerals, and vitamins enriched healthy and balanced diet contribute a lot to good growth of mind and body and it keeps the immune system strong and activated. Thus, it’s recommendable to include fresh fruits, vitamins, whole grains, dairy products to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and nutrients of Vitamin D and Calcium to strengthen your bones. 



Exercising: Though exercising daily has many benefits but it contributes a lot to scaling the body’s height. Physical workouts such as jumping rope, yoga, stretching exercises, swimming, etc. from childhood to adulthood strengthen bones and muscles and improve overall health. Doing this on regular basis helps in adding a few inches to the height after puberty. 


Good Body Posture: Straight and correct body posture are the two most essential factors that help in having a straight neck, curves, and spine. It is always suggested to avoid hunched shoulders, curved spine, and text neck while working on a laptop or scrolling your smartphone. These factors result in making a person a few inches shorter and often cause back pain; so, always keep a constant eye on your posture and practice stretching exercises to make it correct. 


Sound Sleep: Surviving on lesser sleep or no sleep on regular basis, scrolling smartphones at night for longer durations impact hormones and height in adolescence. This is because when a person sleeps, his body releases HGH called human growth hormone, and waking late or having no sound sleep slows down its production. So, have an ample amount of sound sleep for good body growth and development. 


Supplements: Natural food enriched with essential nutrients helps in having good growth but sometimes they alone are not sufficient and require dietary and food supplements. Thus, it’s not harmful to include supplements such as Vitamin D, Calcium, and Synthetic HGH in your diet to increase a few inches in height. 

Height sometimes becomes a concerning factor in the subconscious mind, especially for those who have shorter body growth. Follow the above-mentioned tips on a regular basis to see the results that strive to help teens grow taller even after puberty.