5 tips to tackle the Delhi smog

How to stay healthy despite the Delhi smog

Mask is a must
Mask is a must

We all are living in a haze, quite literally, all thanks to the alarmingly high levels of air pollution in Delhi. The level of air pollution has gone from worse to worst in the past few days and there seems to be no immediate respite any time soon. But how do you take care of all the dust that is accumulating inside your lungs?

Well if reports are to be believed an average Delhi-ite is smoking 31 cigarettes a day, including children and elderly, due to the fumes in the air. Here are a few ways of keeping yourself a bit safer from these fumes:

Pick a mask: Some people are foolishly using surgical masks but they are of no use. A surgical mask cannot keep PM 2.5 from entering your system. A N-95 Mask is the minimum you need to use.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2
How the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 looks in my house

An Air purifier is a must: We cannot limit our time outside in the poisonous fumes but we can choose to breathe better air by installing a purifier. For me as an asthmatic it makes a lot of difference and often clean air is a good option too.

Take steam inhalation: Steam helps clear mucus from the lungs before it gets harmful or requires medication. Take hot steam for 5 odd minutes in the night. The humidity will loosen all mucus. If you are a yoga enthusiast you can opt for Jal Neeti too. Jal Neeti is a cleansing technique that cleanses the sinus.

Switch on your car blower: While out on the roads in your car, please switch on your air conditioner or blower to get cleaner air to breathe. Stagnant polluted air in the car can harm you a lot more than the smog outside.

Plant more trees: Please stop taking the environment for granted. It is all we have to sustain and live better. Plant more trees, stop burning crackers and try o conserve the environment a bit more.