5 ways to reduce period pain naturally!

Pain free periods
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Your monthly visitor can be a pain in the, well you know how it feels like! Many women resort to medication to relieve the pain, others end up having more caffeine or coffee to relieve the pain. But these methods are temporary and often harmful.

So we at AAW got Dr. Shobha Gupta, Gynae and Infertility specialist from Mother’s Lap IVF Centre to give us a few easy and natural ways to relieve that achy pain we all get when our monthly visitor arrives:

In fact Dr Shobha says that, “Menstrual pain is common but there are many ways to tackle the problem in a natural way. Women don’t have to go through this pain at all!”

Exercise is a must: Exercise during your periods is more than just required. If your body is active then lesser pain will be felt. Mild exercise is a must. You can simply walk around or use treadmill for this purpose. These simple exercises will help increase flow of blood. So quit sitting all day and go for a lovely stroll.

Eat right: There are certain foods that help ease menstrual pain and discomfort. Eat lot of whole grains like brown rice, popcorns, bread, pastas. Also include lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet during those days. Try and reduce your non-vegetarian intake.

Hot or cold compress: Use either hot water bag or ice bag whatsoever suits your body. Hot compress is more ideal as it can give you immediate results to ease the pain. If it doesn’t seem to work then use ice packs instead.

Massage will help you relax: Massage during periods gives your body a relaxing feel. Try and do some gentle upwards motions on your lower abdominal area. Repeat the steps 7-8 times.

Sleep well: Take adequate sleep as it will help restore the reproductive system. Lack of sleep can disrupt your cycle.