6 ways to stay healthy this winter

Winters can be a harrowing experience if you do not take care of your health. Want to know how to be illness free, happy, and healthy this winter? Read on to learn more:

Stay active: Winters make everyone sluggish. The minute you get warm and cozy it is challenging to move. But staying active ensures you don’t pile on kilos.

Love your veggies: Greens are the best way to stave off that winter cold. Have at least one portion of veggies in the day. Winter vegetable delicacies like sarong ka saag, palak paneer, and methi parantha are good options.

Take vitamins: Oranges are synonymous with winter. Sit in the sun and have your fill of Vitamin C-enriched oranges. You can also take a multivitamin supplement after consulting your doctor.

Avoid extremes: Going outdoors right after a bath or going into a centrally heated office can play havoc with your health. Give your body some time to acclimate and avoid going to harsh climates.

Catch quality sleep: Lack of sleep can make people susceptible to falling ill. Sleep for 7 to 9 hours daily. Try sleeping for 15 minutes in the daytime if possible.

Keep a tab on your water consumption: Staying hydrated is crucial during winter. In winter most of us forget or do not feel thirsty but our body requires water to function properly. Don’t want to have water, have a cup of green tea instead.