8 surprising egg facts


Eggs are a stable food in many Indian households. Breakfast? Have boiled eggs, Lunch? Anda Bhurji and  Dinner? Egg curry! Do do you know, this powerhouse of protein has many surprising facts, read on to know the ande ka funda:

Vitamin D: Eggs contain vitamin D naturally but only in the yolk.

Blood spots: Eggs at times have little blood spots in the yolk. This doesn’t mean the egg is rotten this happens when a blood vessel in the yolk gets ruptured during formation.

Brown egg vs. White egg: We have all heard that brown shell eggs are healthier but this is not true. Brown eggs are laid by red-feathered chickens while white ones by white-feathered chicken. Eggshell colours have no effect on the nutritive value.

Yolk colour signifies carotenoids: Often the yolk is of pale yellow, bright yellow or orange-ish variety. This colour signifies the level of carotenoids, the darker the yolk more the carotenoids.

Of egg whites: Fresher eggs are cloudy white but less fresher the egg clearer the whites become.

White vs yolk: Many people avoid the yolk as it contains fat but some nutritionists say that yolks help in the absorption of the nutrients of eggs.

Egg cleanup: Cleaning up egg can be a messy and smelly task. The best way? Sprinkle lots of salt on it to help cleaning and absorbing all the odours.

That white dot: Often there is a thick blob of white near the yolk. This is called chalazae and attaches the yolk to the membrane. The more the chalazae the fresher the egg.