Always on computer? Tips for healthy eyes

Spend too much time on the computer. Checkout some tips to keep eyes healthy:

In today’s digital world we work on screens most of the time this strains the eyes much. From reading to writing to surfing the net to video chatting almost everything is done with the help of screens. Don’t believe us? Just check your phone to know how much time you spend scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and other apps on your phone. Well the answer is, hours and hours! The truth is in a digital world the possibility of having healthy eyes is decreasing and eye issues are on the rise! Some tips to try to keep the eyes healthy.

Smartphones to be blamed for all the sleepless nights



Break time

You just need to take a break from focusing at the screen after every half hour and that too for mere 20-30 seconds. Focus on something in your surrounding at that time. Repeat this all day long as you get time.

Calculate the distance between screen and your eyes

Ideally, the distance between the screen and the eyes should be 25 inches. A good way you can check your distance is by making sure the screen is at arm’s length distance. The bigger the screen you are looking at is the more distance you need to keep.

Eye level

Adjust display settings

The display setting is must to be adjusted. This helps in reducing eye strain and fatigue. Adjustments need to be made in:

  • Brightness
  • Text size and contrast
  • Color temperature

Blink more often

You might find it silly but blinking is important while working on computer. Doing so, it prevents dryness and irritation and moistens the eyes. One can even try exercising the eyes as it reduces stress focusing continuously on screen. Blinking reduces risk of computer-related dry eye so is important.

Consider computer eyewear

eye mask

Modify your eyeglasses prescription to create customized computer glasses. It is all more important if you wear contacts. Contacts can become dry and uncomfortable with continuous computer work, so glasses should be worn.