Are you making these mistakes while wearing a mask?

These are some common mistakes people make while wearing a mask.

Coronavirus pandemic is far while most of us are now vaccinated but the threat is far from over. Along with practicing social distancing, masks have proven to be effective in reducing the chances of contracting an infection in public places.

Source- cidrap

Wearing a mask alone is not going to save you from catching the virus, especially when you are not being careful while using it. Many people make mistakes while using their masks and not knowing the correct way makes it pointless to wear one.

Here are some common mistakes most people make while using a mask and how you can avoid it:

Touching your mask after wearing it

Constantly touching your mask even while trying to adjust it contaminates the protective layer. Make sure you use the strings to adjust its placement. If you have touched your mask then make sure to replace it with a new one otherwise you are at high risk of catching an infection.

Not covering the nose

Many people bring their masks up to their mouths only and that is not the correct way to wear one. Make sure your mouth and nose, are covered with the mask otherwise you may inhale the infectious droplets.

Improper cleaning of the mask

If you are using reusable masks then make sure to wash them after every use. Don’t just wash it with water, use a soap or a detergent to thoroughly clean it and dry it under the sunlight.

Using the mask when it is wet

Do not use your mask if it has not dried up completely or if the sweat has made your mask damp. Make sure to keep a spare mask if you live in hot and humid areas so that you can easily switch to a fresh one when required.

These are some common mistakes people make while wearing a mask. Make sure to be careful while using one.