COVID-19 vaccines to become useless after a year?

Reports show that the COVID-19 vaccine may become useless within a year.

COVID-19 has continued to be an issue throughout the world and now that the vaccine is being distributed, many new facts have come to light.

COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness

According to the latest research, experts have said that the COVID-19 vaccine will be rendered useless within a year. Epidemiologists and virologists have contributed to the research and specialists from 28 countries have come to a similar conclusion.

A third of these people have estimated for the vaccine to last 9 months. Many researchers from major universities have come together to increase the global coverage of the vaccine as soon as possible.

Source- Indian Express

“As we’ve learned, viruses don’t care about borders. We have to vaccinate as many people as possible, everywhere” said Devi Sridhar, Professor of Global Public Health.  New mutations have been coming up so facts have been evolving.

Rise in infections

According to the latest reports, it has been found out that the younger population of the capital has been affected by the infection as the number of cases has been increasing with each passing day.

The symptoms are relatively mild but they can spread through elders and cause serious health problems as post-COVID-19 effects are fatal for some people.

The best way to keep yourself protected is by following all the safety precautions and taking personal responsibility for keeping people around you safe.