Everything about White fungus infection 

Here are all the details about white fungus infection: 

After black fungus, there are reports about white fungus affecting covid patients now. It is said that the infection is more dangerous than black fungus. So far, cases of this infection have been found in the city of Patna and Bihar. 

What causes this infection: 

As per experts, this infection is caused due to low immunity or if people come in contact with things that contain these molds like water. And, proper sanitation is the only way to keep this infection at bay. 

Symptoms of white fungus: 

Doctors say that the patients who have covid like symptoms but are testing negative are the ones who might have this infection. And the only way to diagnose it is by getting a CT scan or X-ray done. 

What body parts can the white fungus affect?

This fungus can affect the lungs, nails, skin, kidney, brain, and private parts as well. 

Why are COVID patients prone to white fungus?

Covid patients are more prone to white fungus because it affects the lungs. Cancer patients, patients who are diabetic or are taking steroids for a long period of time are the ones who are most susceptible to the fungus. 


The only way to treat this infection is anti-fungal medicines and timely detection.