Exercise makes Covid-19 vaccine more effective: Study

A new study shows that staying active can enhance the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine was a hope for many people and the second wave challenged the healthcare system in India, it is important for people to get vaccinated and save lives as the experts say the third wave might hit us in a few more weeks.

Before the vaccine became available, people were asked to stay fit and active as it keeps the immune system healthy and also helps in faster recovery.

Source- Boston Magazine

In a recent study, according to The Print, it has been discovered that exercising regularly reduces the risk of infection, its severity and also increases the effectiveness of vaccination.

The evidence and systemic study show there is a direct relation between physical activity and the risk of falling ill from diseases such as pneumonia (development of it has been seen in COVID-19 positive patients). The study was conducted during the onset of the pandemic and the result remain relevant in given circumstances.

Source- HelpGuide.org

It has also been discovered that the effects of the vaccine are stronger in people who exercise for at least 30 minutes, five times a week. The pre-existing health conditions also play a role in showing effects on an individual.

The antibody immunoglobulin IgA levels were also found to be higher in people who exercised and a randomised study also concluded that the effects of the vaccine are better for people who are active.

Even if you are stuck at home, make sure to get in some movement and keep yourself active. After getting vaccinated, continue staying active as it good for your health in long term.