Facts and myths about COVID-19 transmission

Here are some myths about COVID-19 and the facts behind them.

The pandemic is far from over but people have a lot more information about coronavirus which has helped them prevent transmission. Research and studies have helped people take appropriate measures but there is still a lot of misinformation surrounding this incurable disease.


Source- The Economic Times

Here is what you need to know about the facts and myths about COVID-19 and how you can keep yourself safe.

  • Vitamins and minerals supplement cure coronavirus

Supplements are prescribed to COVID-19 patients as they help strengthen the immune system and can aid in quick recovery. These supplements have no direct effect on the treatment of COVID-19.

  • Shoes can spread COVID-19

The chances are quite low but it is best to be cautious if you are living with toddlers who crawl on the floor. Take the shoes off before entering your home just to be safe.

  • Alcohol consumption prevents COVID-19 infection

There is no evidence that supports this statement and alcohol consumption does more harm than good so make sure to keep it in moderation as does not provide any immunity against coronavirus.

  • Thermal scanners can detect COVID-19

Thermal scanners can detect a spike in body temperature and fever is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. They can not detect coronavirus in the body.

  • Mosquitoes can spread COVID-19

No evidence supports this statement as COVID-19 spreads through infected droplets and by coming in contact with an infected person.

  • Sunlight can kill coronavirus

There is no scientific evidence to support that and the weather conditions have nothing to do with the rate of transmission.

Here are some common myths surrounding COVID-19. The best way to stay safe is by taking precautions, maintaining social distance, using sanitizers, and minimising interaction with people. Do not go out if you feel unwell and consume nutritious food to keep your immune system strong.