Food items to keep you warm

Check out the the winter super foods to keep you warm

According to ayurveda there is a spike in digestive activities when the weather gets cold. So besides wearing warm clothes, eating healthy foods to feel warm and fight winter allergies is also a must. Team AAW tells you about some super foods for a healthy and energetic winter.



Cinnamon is a source of heat generation in the body, add a pinch of cinnamon powder to your regular cup of tea or coffee to seek its warmth.


Pepper consumption can help you in keeping your body warm in this freezing weather as the antioxidants presence in pepper keeps the cold and flue aside.


A pinch of turmeric boiled with milk can give you an astounding result of reducing inflammation in the body along with keeping you warm and cozy from within.



Ginger is rich in aromatic volatile oils easing the digestion and reducing gut inflammation which strengthens the resistance power in the winter season.


Regular intake of honey helps in fighting with cold and flu in the winter months as it helps in keeping the body warm.

Dry Fruits
Consume dry fruits daily because almonds, dates and walnuts are highly effective for generating heat in the body.

Saffron is a magical spice which can be boiled with raisins, milk and almonds and taken daily before going to sleep to give the required warmth to your body in winters.


Filled with essential proteins and vitamins, eggs helps body fight infection in winters. This powerhouse of energy is undoubtedly a hot favourite amongst all of us during winter.

  • Jaggery

Natural sugars like jaggery (gur) are really good for the digestive system, since they are unrefined and keep the sugars in your body balanced.