Foods you should never put in the Freezer

There are lot of misconceptions about storing food and one of them it freezing them to make them stay fresh for longer.You can freeze whatever you want, and use these foods frozen but there are few food items that should never be stored in a freezer. Check them out

. No matter what you’re freezing, make sure to use them asap. 

  • Avacado Avacado The texture of avocados changes when frozen, so you can kiss that silky interior goodbye.
  • Coffee Coffee The freezer create condensation, which can affect the flavor of both ground coffee and coffee beans
  • Cheese Cheese Soft cheeses such cream cheese tend to separate when frozen and thawed, which leads to strange textural changes. Hard cheeses like Parmesan and cheddar are usually a safe bet but still store them properly in the fridge.
  • Eggs Eggs Freezing temperatures make eggs' water content expand, which can potentially crack the shell and let in nasty bacteria. If you really have to freeze eggs, crack them, whisk them (or separate the whites and yolks) and store in an airtight container.
  • Vegetables Vegetables Vegetables like cucumbers, potao and lettuce which have a high water content gets limp and soggy when frozen and defrosted.