Why gardening is great for health

Why gardening is a great way to stay healthy!

In an era where people have become technology and machine friendly, we all look for gym etc for health. But there are some simple steps that can be practiced at home for ensuring better health. We bring you some gardening benefits for your health for you to twiddle that green thumb.


Makes you active

Gardening is the best exercise for all ages as it increases the time spent in physical exercise without going to gym or for a walk by staying at home. Digging, harvesting, watering is high-intensity physical activities that make you more active and energetic throughout the day.

Gardening helps burn calories

Gardening burns calories making it easier to lose weight especially around the waist. Since it burns calories it can help in losing weight and if practiced regularly it proves healthy and is the best exercise as you get to bask in sun absorbing copious amounts of Vitamin D that also aids weight loss.

A stress buster and mood enhancer

Gardening gifts freedom from stress like depression, anxiety, anger and even keeps mood up as it gives you a satisfactory feeling. It fights stress more than any other leisure activity and is a clinically proven mood booster because you physically and mentally involved in the activity.

Gardening (pexels)

Eventually, you eat organic fruits and veggies

Gardening gives you the pleasure of having chemical free vegetables and fruits as they are grown in your own garden. This could be the best gift to your health.

Increases physical workout

Want to release some sweat and burn some calories? Gardening comes as the best way to be physical without investing loads of money like that in a gym and you get fresh veggies and fruits in return. Gardening also encourages you to eat healthy food and be nutrition conscious.

Boosts your immune system

Gardening gives you a daily dose of Vitamin D and this vitamin also helps absorb calcium which is helpful for body and essential for bone health. Daily gardening for some time regularly helps lower blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Increased calcium helps the immune system respond in faster healing.