Green tea ups work productivity

Benefits of green tea
Benefits of green tea

Feel tired and can’t concentrate at work? Well ditch your favourite coffee for a cup of green tea to feel more energetic at work.

One of the latest studies on green tea reveals that drinking it can improve working memory and cognitive performance.

With its multiple benefits, green tea has inspired many research projects in recent years. According to various studies, green tea is an antioxidant-rich beverage that helps maintaining weight and fighting bad cholesterol, in addition it also improves memory and prevents cognitive decline.

Eager to evaluate the theories of green tea’s power as memory enhancer, researchers in Basel, Switzerland, asked a group of volunteers to consume a soft drink with green tea extract and then made them solve a series of working memory tasks. The test subjects’ brain activity was analysed using an MRI machine worked more effectively and utilized their brains full potential.

So how about a cup of green tea now?