Tantric sex and how to follow it

Discover how to have greatest pleasurable sex ever!

Tantric sex was discovered way back in ancient India primarily by the hindus and it has recently re-gained its popularity especially in the West. Tantric sex isn’t long leisurely sex but pushing the right buttons to achieve the biggest O ever!

What exactly is Tantric sex?

Tantric sex has been there for some 5,000 plus years and it means creating a web of energy and a slow form of sex that not only increases intimacy but also helps create a mind-body connection. This leads to powerful climaxes for both the partners.

Why should I give this a try?

holding hands
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We all fall into the mundane art of lovemaking and this is where this holy act of tantric sex comes in. Experts (yes there are many) claim that if you increase your time and effort there shall be a higher and intense ecstasy.  The kinds you may have never felt before!

How to perform Tantric sex

While the word might sound difficult, Tantric sex isn’t really text book sex you need to follow but a few tips and tricks make it an awesome experience.

The basic tip is to take your mind off orgasm. Focus on elongated foreplay until you cannot let go off the urge to make love. TO delay this urge experts suggest using methods like meditative techniques, breath exercises to control it and massage.

Candles to set the mood!
Candles to set the mood/pixabay


Try to breathe slowly when orgasm approaches. Most women often breathe quickly to bring on that impending orgasm. This however puts a stress on your tummy. Slow breathing relaxes your stomach and makes the orgasm long lasting and intense.