Health benefits of drinking Sattu in summers

Sattu is a miracle summer drink, check out its benefits:

Sattu is one of the most indigenous sources of protein for Indians. You might not have heard this name, but in many parts of India, it is served as a drink in summers. Typically made of roasted Bengal gram it has a cooling effect on the body. The ‘poor man’s protein’ as it is often referred to is not only tasty, but packed with a lot of health benefits as well.

Provides instant energy

It is full of nutrients and energy and is very easy to digest. Its consumption provides physical and mental health and gives instant energy.

Helps in digestion

Being rich in fiber it prevents constipation and digestive issues. It is a soluble fiber and is good for the intestine too.

Keeps you cool in summers

If you want to battle dehydration and heat stroke, Sattu Sharbat is the perfect drink.

Herbal cure for women

During pregnancy and menstruation, women need extra proteins and vitamins and sattu is a good source for both of them. Also, consumption of sattu helps keeps women in shape

 Gives you glowing skin

Your skin needs nourishment too. Sattu has amazing hydrating properties, hence if consumed regularly; it can help restore your natural glow

How to use Sattu:

One of the easiest uses of sattu is to make a drink of it. You can also make parantha, litti and upma.

Image source: Pinterest