How poor gut health can complicate COVID-19 infection

This is how poor gut health can affect you if you are COVID-19 positive.

This time last year, most of us were unaware of what is to come as COVID-19 had started to spread through countries, and scientists and doctors knew very little about this novel virus. Now that enough time has passed and studies have been published, it is being discovered that coronavirus can cause many complications in the body and so can pre-existing conditions. 

Coronavirus can affect the heart, kidney, lungs, spleen, and even gastrointestinal tract as many patients have shown symptoms that confirm that the virus spreads through the GI tract as well. 

Source-Indian Express

A microbiologist, Heenam Stanley Kim, has published a study in the journal mBio and suggested that poor maintenance of the gut can cause complications in COVID-19 positive patients. A leaky gut may be the reason that the virus gets access to the digestive system and other organs and have chances of being exposed to it. 

Other health complications including high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity may also be a concern but compromised gut health is also a contributing complication that may make the condition of the patient worse. 

The gut health is also dependent on the lifestyle and eating habits that may depend on the country they are living in. People who consume less fiber through their diet may have poor gut health.  People can take care of this by making sure their diet does not lack certain food groups and are consuming everything in appropriate quantities.