How to Keep Your Gut Healthy in Monsoon Season?

Tips to have good gut and health during monsoons

After the summer season, we all wait for monsoon because it means welcoming rains and awesome weather which is incomplete without chai, pakora, samosa, bhutta, vada and bhaji; since the monsoon season is a feeling but all such eatables in this weather in an emotion. However, you might be concerned about your gut health as there happen waterborne diseases, allergies and other gut problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea, and bloating. With the arrival of rainy weather, gut microbiomes often change and expose the human body to harmful bacteria that cause dysbiosis and result in inflammation. So, enjoy this monsoon without worrying about your digestive system and other issues by following the below-mentioned simple steps:


1: Intake of Lactose-Free Substitutes: During monsoon, try to drink plant-based fluids such as soy and almonds drink as they are lactose-free and enriched in vitamins and minerals. These drinks contain a combo of polyunsaturated fatty acids and mono acids which are low in cholesterol and easy to digest; that’s why it keeps the body hydrated in monsoon.  

2: Prefer Natural Immunity Boosters: Immunity Boosters like Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic etc must be added to food and fluids to keep the immune system strong. The addition of such boosters can be advantageous since these are anti-inflammatory, have antioxidant properties and are good antiseptic as well.  

3: Eat Only Seasonal Food: During the monsoon season eats only the seasonal food and fruits that are enriched in Vitamin-C such as apple, pear, beetroot, and pomegranates. Intake of such fruits helps in having a strong gut since they have a good amount of vegan and protein.


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4: Avoid Heavy Food: During monsoon time, avoid eating non-veg and seafood as due to rain, different microbes are found in such species which can be harmful to human health. Also, if you have lactose intolerance then avoid intake of milk and milk-centric food products as well because they are difficult to digest.


Follow the above-mentioned tips to enjoy your monsoon season with good gut and health.