How you can register for COVID-19 vaccine in India

Here are the details of registration for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine drive has begun in the country and people can register for the vaccine through the Co-WIN portal to get vaccinated. The process took a little time to get smoother but eventually, people were able to register to get their vaccination done.

Source- India Today

According to RS Sharma, Chief of the Co-WIN portal, more than 50 lakh people have registered for the vaccine. Here are some things to know about the process of registration and how you can get your spot booked.

  1. Four people can register through the Co-WIN portal from one phone.
  2. The Co-WIN App allows people to book, cancel and reschedule appointments.
  3. The center for the second dose can be changed for people who want to.
  4. A document signed by a doctor is required to be updated for people with co-morbidities.
  5. The record of your vaccination will automatically be recorded.
  6. You will receive a digital certificate after you get vaccinated. It can be downloaded from the portal.
  7. Only name, age, and gender details are required to be added to the portal and no other personal information.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also encouraged people to get vaccinated and took his first vaccine shot on Monday. He later encouraged people who are eligible to come forward and get their vaccine shot to help the country recover from COVID-19.