Male fertility is dipping worldwide: Experts

A still from Vicky Donor

Often when a couple starts trying for a baby, the women is the first one to undergo tests to check if everything is fine with her. But researchers say the problem might lie in men more often than women, if the recent statics unveiled by a comprehensive research in France are to be believed, there has been a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of sperms in the past two decades.

Here are a few reasons why Indian men too could be at risk:

Environmental issues: Over the years, the pollution levels have increased in modern India like never before. People are exposed to hazardous gases and fumes which contribute to decrease in sperm counts.

Heating of testicles: Frequent use of saunas or sitting with laptop on your lap can lower your sperm count. Plus tight denims (which most Indian men love) can also increase the temperature reduce sperm production.

Alcohol and tobacco use: That glass of whiskey might give your man a high but alcohol can lower testosterone levels which decreases sperm production. Also, studies have found that men who smoke have lower sperm count over their non-smoking counterparts.

Stress: In today’s stressful environment everyone has some emotional baggage but men who have suffered prolonged periods of stress are at added risks. Stress imbalances the hormones and can even lead to infertility.

Weight: Obesity causes hormonal changes which reduces fertility. Avoid extreme weight gain or weight loss