Medical reasons to avoid aerated drinks

Girl drinking cola/weheartit
Girl drinking cola/weheartit

Pepsi, diet coke, fanta or limca , we all love sodas, in fact most Indians regularly have a glass or two of one of these daily! But do you know that you can gain weight  because a glass of coke has 11 sugar cubes? Drinking just one can of fizzy drink a day could increase the risk of developing life-threatening Type 2 diabetes. According to the new study sugar-based calories, such as those found in fizzy drinks, are bad for health than the same number of calories from any other source.

Here are 5 ways that glass of aerated drink might be playing havoc with your health:

Obesity: We have all heard about it but seriously turn the bottle and check the nutrients listed. You will be shocked to see how much sugar a tin of pepsi contains. Studies say a person who drinks cold drinks is 1.6 times more likely to be obese.

Asthma: Certain ingredients in aerated drinks can cause or worsen asthma! If you have asthma or bronchitis consider stop having soda. Try it by writing down whenever you have a glass of pepsi and see if your asthma flares. This happens more often if you have a glass at night

Tooth issues: Drinking soda leads to tooth decay as the sugar and acid help in dissolving tooth enamel. This makes them prone to decaying and yellowing.

Reproductive system: Many studies worldwide have linked aerated drinks to early puberty and conceiving problems in women.

Thin bones: Phosphoric acid in aerated drinks can cause the bones to weaken making women susceptible to osteoporosis.

Switch to good old nimbu pani, ice tea, milk or a simple glass of water!