Why you must consume Ghee

Why Ghee must be included in your diet

Desi Ghee
Desi Ghee

Over the years we have been told Ghee is unhealthy yes, we know smells bad and may look unhealthy, but it is better than oil. Shocked? Well, Ghee also known as clarified Butter is all real. This liquid gold is nowadays becoming a better option when it comes to cooking. Here we provide you why using ghee in cooking is a good option.

Ghee is saturated fat

Science says that saturated fat consumption prevents from heart diseases; it provides more butyric acid which, reduces pain and supports good health. In fact that is one of the reason our grandparents and parents preferred ghee over oil.


It does not spoil easily

You don’t have to refrigerate Ghee; it can be stored at room temperature for a long time. And since its milk properties have been removed, it is not spoiled easily..

Good source of vitamins- A,K and E

Ghee is a great source of Vitamins, and it has increased concentration of Vitamins A,K and E.

Weight loss

Ghee has high conjugated linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid, which burns other fats and causes weight loss. And a LCHF diet proves that fat is your friend for weight loss.

Ghee has a high smoke point

Ghee does not break down or burn easily. Ghee is suitable for cooking at high temperature as it will not break down into other oils.

Ghee has a wonderful flavor

Ghee is pure hence, it has an amazing flavor, and the dish prepared with ghee has a different taste.

You can make pure ghee

You can make homemade ghee, by removing the milk solids. It is much cheaper than buying it. Plus, it is fresh and pure.