Myths about olive oil

Olive oil is said to be the best oil for cooking because of its health benefits like maintaining the sugar levels and control heart problems.  Many people have changed their preferences and started using Olive oil for all their cooking needs. However, its popularity is bringing some myths regarding its quality and usage. We bring to you some of the myths and the truth related to Olive oil.

 The quality of Olive oil can be decided by its color

The color of olives cannot tell the quality of the oil. If the color was the indicator than no olive is bad, people think that if the color is green it is newly harvested and if it is golden brown then it is old. But this is not the case as the quality depends upon the variety of olives.

The older the better

It’s olive oil and not wine.  After a time when air and light get into the oil it starts breaking down so the  quality of olive oil can be maintained by storing it in a cool place.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best

Extra virgin is among the healthiest one as compared to pure olive oil, but it is not the best. Other varieties are  equally good. The fact is all the oils are healthy but extra virgin olive oil is healthier as it has some unique health benefits.
olive oil
olive oil


 Heating olive oil is bad

It is assumed that when you heat olive oil its health benefits are subtracted. Olive oil has a low smoking  than other refined oils, due to which it is not damaged when it is heated.
•Store it in open

Since olive oil oxidizes in light, it’s best to store it in a dark cabinet.

Olive oil is undoubtedly one of the healthiest oil to use, but clear the myths about it and use it to have a healthy body and heart.