Natural ways to purify your lungs

Check out a few ways to naturally purify your lungs:

Our lungs are exposed to killer pollutants and microbes daily, when you inhale, a lot of impure particles get deposited in it. And in the case of smokers, the daily deposition of tar turns the pink lungs black. Lung health is really important for a person’s overall health. After the lungs have exposure to pollution, such as cigarette smoke, a person’s chest may feel full or congested. In order to keep them healthy regular detoxification of lungs is necessary. Here are a few ways you can naturally keep your lungs clean:

  • Quit smoking

If you have been smoking for years, quit it for some time now. Nicotine and tobacco smoke inhibit lung functions and also put you at risk for lung infections and lung cancer. Going smoking free will help remove the tar from your lungs..

  • Drink green tea

Have a cup of green tea before going to the bed to release toxins in the intestine that can lead to constipation. Do not overload your lungs with work during this purification process.

  • Lemon

Drink one glass of lemon water in warm water before breakfast. It will clean your lungs.

  • Ginger

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Ginger helps in unblocking the respiratory tract and toxins from the lungs. The best way to consume it is to eat it raw or have ginger tea. Now you know why your mother used to get you adraak wali chai?  When you get a cough or cold.

  • Hot shower

A 20-minute hot shower bath will help in removing toxins. You can also add eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale the steam to purify your lungs naturally. This will also soothe your throat and sinus problems.

  • Deep breathing

Practice deep breathing for 30 minutes daily, this will flush out the impurities from your lungs.

  • Eat healthy food for lungs

Include foods that are healthy for lungs in your diet. Eat things like apples, fatty fish, beans, nuts, carrots, they promote liver and lung health.