PMS affects decision making skills in women?

This is how the PMS and decision-making ability of women are related

It is a very common belief that women are in control of their emotions during the peak time of their cycle. It is also believed that this fluctuation in hormone levels greatly affects their decision-making skills on day to day basis. This notion isn’t backed up by any evidence but people still continue to believe it and the decision-making ability of women is always questioned, especially when a critical decision is being made.

Before arriving at any conclusion, whether or not PMS plays any role in the decision-making ability of women, the following facts should be known-

  • Not every woman has PMS: Pre Menstrual Syndrome does not affect every woman.  Sure women see hormonal fluctuation, depending on the time of their cycles but it does not always have any impact on their mood.
  • Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in decision making: People who can identify, name and distinguish their emotions are known to have high emotional intelligence. This ability is not gender-specific. If someone is cranky for no reason and is overreacting, once they identify the trigger, they can find a better way to communicate.
  • Expression and regulation of emotions are crucial: After identifying what is causing someone to behave in a certain way, people can regulate their emotions and find a way to convey things appropriately, especially in a professional environment.

In light of these facts, it can be deduced that the inability to menstruate does not guarantee efficient decision making. There are other factors like sleep and hunger that can also influence decisions.  Hence it cannot be generalized that PMS greatly affects decision-making skills in women.