Signs that Covid-19 is spreading to your lungs 

Check out some signs that Covid-19 is spreading to your lungs: 

Covid-19 causes different or no symptoms in different people, but one of the biggest problems is the one that it causes for the respiratory system. Lung problems and pulmonary complications increase with severe COVID. It can also be an indicator of how even a mild COVID-19 battle can turn from mild to severe. Check out some common signs that Covid-19 is spreading to your lungs: 

  • Non-stop coughing 

SARS-COV-2 mixes with the chest linings and causes bad coughing attacks. If you experience non-stop coughing, which doesn’t improve even 2-3 weeks after the initial infection bout, it may be a sign of lung complication with COVID.

  • Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath happens when there is any kind of infection in the lung, which makes it difficult for oxygen to get into your lungs. For people with COVID, especially those belonging to high-risk groups, experiencing shortness of breath or a dip in oxygen saturation can be common.

  • Chest pain 

Experience chest pain suddenly can be a sign of severe COVID-19. It can lead to some serious health issues hence, it needs immediate attention. 

If you experience symptoms related to a decline in vital functioning and see no reduction in other symptoms, consult a specialist.