Signs that indicate you are allergic to alcohol

Here are some signs that may tell that you are allergic to alcohol. Read on to know more.

Yes, alcohol allergy is real just like soy, dust and peanut allergy. Dealing with alcohol is different from dealing with hangover as in case of allergy, the body may not be able to metabolize alcohol properly.  Here are the signs that tell you are allergic to alcohol. 

Source- Mouth by Southwest


After having your drink, if you feel like your heart is racing and you start to sweat profusely, chances are that your body is having a hard time metabolizing the alcohol. It is best to stop drinking in this case, immediately. 

Skin rashes 

It is a common indicator of allergies. If you see red rashes along with constant itching after consumption of alcohol, it may be a sign that you are having an allergic reaction. It is generally a reaction to sulfur present in alcoholic drinks. 


Feeling nauseous after having a few drinks and constantly feeling you are going to throw up may be a sign that your body isn’t taking the drink well. If you haven’t had that much to drink and still feel nauseous, this may be an allergic reaction. 


If your tongue, mouth, lips or hands seem like they have swelled up after having one drink, this could be an allergic reaction. 

Coughing and tightness in the chest 

Constant coughing, trouble in breathing and a sudden feeling of tightness in the chest is a sign of allergic reaction. If the allergy is getting worse, it is best to seek medical assistance. 

Here are some signs that indicate an allergy to alcohol. If these signs appear every time you drink, it is best not to ignore them and seek medical advice from a doctor.