Stay healthy during rains

Stay healthy during rains
Stay healthy during rains/freedigitalphotos

Rain brings in relief from the scorching heat. It is the best time to enjoy hot coffee or tea with pakodas. But with rains come in a barrage of germs, illness and diseases. During rains humidity levels are high which lower our immunity and digestive system. The food we eat, too needs extra care and attention, as it may attract germs which may cause serious illness. Prevention is better than cure, so here’s how to stay healthy during rains.

Eat healthy: Avoid spicy and heavy roadside side food to prevent food poisoning and stomach bugs.

Wash: Fruits and vegetables must be washed. Also do not keep cut fruits and veggies for long duration.

  • Wash your hands properly with an antiseptic soap.

Refrain from juices: The pre-packed ones are fine but stay away from drinking juices, especially at unhygienic fruit juice stalls.

Dress well: Prefer wearing covered clothes to avoid insect and mosquito bites. Apply repellents. Also avoid using sweet smelling perfumes as they attract insects. Never wear those beautiful leather shoes during rains, beside spoiling them develop fungal infection. Wear comfortable shoes of breathable material. Try to remain dry as much as possible.

 Hydrate: Be careful about the water you drink, have clean and filtered water. If outside prefer buying mineral water. Green tea ups the immunity, have a cup daily.Also take warm water bath to kill germs.

Keep the surrounding cleans and avoid water logging to prevent breeding of mosquitoes.

 Food: Store the food properly and under right temperature. Never eat stale food. If something does not look or taste right, discard it immediately. Eat high fibre foods to facilitate digestion and also to strengthen the digestive system.