Tested Negative for COVID-19? Don’t make these mistakes

Here is what you should know after receiving a negative test for COVID-19.

Getting tested for COVID-19 is stressful and waiting for the results to come in is even more difficult. A negative test result calms the nerves and people can come out of isolation in case they were worried about being infected.

Source- Times of India

While it is great a feeling, it is crucial to understand that a negative test result for COVID-19 does not mean that you are completely safe. Many people make some common mistakes after their test results come negative. If you want to be sure and stay safe, here are some common mistakes that you should not make:

Negative COVID-19 test does not guarantee any safety

Many people fail to understand that a negative test does not mean that you are safe from the virus. It simply indicates that you weren’t infected at the time you were tested.

Accuracy of the test depends on the time

There are chances that you might have contracted the infection and still get tested negative. the incubation period of the virus is between 5-12 days so the chances are that you haven’t started to show symptoms.

Taking precautions is a must

A negative test isn’t a free pass and you should definitely not stop taking precautions. Make sure to wear a mask while being out in public places and practice social distancing.

Here are some mistakes that people make after getting a negative test result. Most people go for the RT-PCR test after getting a negative on an antigen test. Getting tested on time is important but that does not guarantee any safety or immunity against coronavirus. Continue to take precautions and keep people around you safe as well by making mindful decisions.