The tooth and heart connection you must know

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Over the past decade and more some startling findings appeared in the literature demonstrating a very strong link between periodontal disease and cardiac disease. A very critical initial retrospective statistical analytical study reported that patients with cardiac diseases had a much larger incidence of periodontal problems in comparison to the general population. Further studies reported similar data and the link, even though startling, was very strong since multiple studies from different centres seemed to exhibit the same co-relation.

There are a few hypotheses that have been suggested in the literature. Cardiac problems generally stem from the narrowing of the blood vessels supplying nutrition to the heart. This narrowing happens due to a thickening and clumping on the inner walls of the vessels. It is also know that bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream through the gums.  These bacteria have been found to be clumped in the cardiac vessel walls. A possible hypothesis is that these bacteria stick to these blood vessel adhesions and contribute to the blockage. Another possibility is that the body’s natural inflammatory response to these bacteria.

Nevertheless, it is certain that periodontal disease is a very strong risk factor for cardiac disease. If not an initiating or an aggravating factor, it is certainly a marker for potential cardiac problems. It is very strongly possible that the pathway of progression of periodontal disease and cardiac disease is the same and that similar trigger factors lead to both the outcomes. It is interesting to note that the levels of what are known as C Reactive Proteins are raised in both, periodontal disease and cardiac disease. Treatment of periodontal disease certainly reduces the levels of C Reactive proteins.

It would be prudent to get oneself checked regularly for the signs of periodontal disease and even if the earliest signs are observed, it should be treated. Not only will it help the dentition, it is also possible that the chances of a cardiac problem may decrease.

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