Things to buy to survive self-quarantine due to coronavirus

Check out the list of things to buy to deal with self-quarantine due to coronavirus:

In this time of mess, due to the spread of coronavirus, we need to prepare for any worst-case scenario. This is why people are stocking up things in their home to make sure that they are safe and have everything that they might need. You never know how and when someone can get infected with COVID-19.which means that there might be a situation for self-quarantine. So we need to prepare ourselves for a minimum 14 days quarantine, so, you may need a list of things that you need to survive those days. Check out the list below:

  • Buy a great number of dry snacks like dry fruits, cereal, oats and ready to eat noodles and other things to ensure that you have something to eat.

  • Buy fruits and vegetables that can last up to two weeks. Stock them up.

  • Make sure that you have enough drinks for two weeks. Store clean drinking water, cold drinks, juices and your stock of tea and coffee.

  • Buy necessary kitchen items like oils, spices, pulses, salt and ready to eat food items. They will be useful in case of an emergency.

  • Prepare a basic first aid kit that has all the important elementary medications that can treat, pains and flu.

  • Buy enough amounts of sanitization products such as hand sanitizer, tissues, wet wipes, hand wash, face mask, cleaners, and detergent. Make sure you have enough that lasts for at least a month.

  • Get adequate toiletries, skincare products, and feminine hygiene products.

Don’t go overboard with the stocking up thing. Just buy what you need.