Vaccination reduces household COVID-19 transmission

As per reports COVID-19 transmission can be reduced by half after vaccination.

Coronavirus has been a cause of worry for over a year now and people waited patiently for the vaccine. Now that pharmaceuticals have stepped up and begun vaccine production, there is still a lot of inhibition around it.

COVID-19 vaccination will not only keep you safe but also your family. Recent data shared by Public Health England (PHE) shows that COVID-19 transmission can be reduced by up to half after vaccination.

Source- Mint

Importance of vaccination

Since symptoms may take a few days to appear and some people may be asymptomatic as well, this discovery can help people realise the importance of getting vaccinated as it can keep the infection from spreading to their family members.

The vaccine also reduces the risk of infection by 60%-65% four weeks from getting the first dose, according to the data shared by PHE.

The severity of household transmission

There is enough evidence to support that many people around the world were infected from another family member in the house but people who belong to vulnerable groups can be saved if other family members are vaccinated. People above the age of 60 can also benefit from the vaccine as it reduces the severity of the infection.

COVID-19 vaccination drives are taking place so please take your shot to not only reduce the risk of severe infection for yourself but to reduce the chances of transmission to your family members.