Various kinds of rashes that can be COVID-19 infection symptoms

Check out different rashes that can be COVID-19 infection symptoms:

There are no signals that this pandemic is going to stop any sooner. Cases continue to rise all over the world even, where things were fine, new cases have been reported. India saw a major hike with over 4,300 new cases in just one day, Maharashtra alone had 2,000 of these. While scientists are trying to find a vaccine for it, it looks like all the symptoms are not revealed until now. Initially thought to be a respiratory ailment, this highly contagious disease usually comes with fever, sore throat, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. Slowly new symptoms started to show up and there are approximately 8-9 symptoms. Now, doctors are confused with the appearance of different kinds of rashes on some people who were tested positive for COVID-19.

Experts have found that these rashes are common in younger patients and it lasts for some days. According to the researchers, rashes are common in some viral infections. Chickenpox is an example of this. But what is different here is the sheer variety of these COVID-19-induced rashes. Experts state that it is very strange ‘to see several different rashes – and some of them are quite specific’. Check out what kind of rashes might appear in people who get COVID-19 infection:

  • Nettle Rash

They are pink or white rashes which are often itchy. These kinds of rashes are mostly found on the body of patients and can sometimes appear on hands as well.

  • Maculopapules

Keep an eye on small, raised, and flat red bumps named maculopapules. These rashes can last for over seven days. They are more common in severe cases.

  • Blisters

Small blisters can also appear on the limbs and trunk of coronavirus positive patients. These rashes are often itchy and are seen in middle-aged patients. They might show up even before any other symptom of COVID-19.

  • COVID Toe

This rash is found on the toes or hands of children. They look like chilblains or frostbite. It is more common in younger patients with milder cases. These rashes can last for around 12 days.

  • Necrosis Rash

The skin looks blotchy, gets a net-like pattern and change color to red or blue. It is a common symptom in older patients who were hospitalized with severe infection.

So, other than the basic symptoms, now watch out for these rashes as well.