Virginity soap claims it firms butt!

Virginity soap claims it firms butt!
Virginity soap claims it firms butt!

Now this is what we call weird, Dubai’s largest mall Dragon Mart is selling a soap that promises to tighten you butt muscles and it is selling like hot cakes!

According to media reports Dragon Mart maintains that their virginity soap contains honey extracts and is effective. They also claim that you can see the effects in two weeks if you use it at least twice a day.

Well if creams and soaps would make us thin, why would there be dieting, yoga and gym?  Secondlywhat is a virginity soap? There are many myths about virginity and here are the most popular ones

  • There is no one physical trait that indicates virginity or sexual activity- not even the presence of a “hymen.”
  • If it doesn’t pain or bleed you are not a virgin. Pain during sex could mean you don’t have enough lubrication or need to try a different position.
  • The condition of a hymen does not “prove” virginity.Hymens come in all shapes and sizes, and that they can break and bleed due to playing sports, a pelvic exam, or by using tampons.
  • You can lose virginity only once and that too by sex.