How to clear that musty smell this monsoon

Eradicate that musty smell from your house this damp monsoon

Monsoon loving!

When the rain gods give us an awesome rainy season, along with that romantic weather comes a host of issues due to moist weather. Everything gets a bit smelly and many things often spoil.

Here we bring some remedies to solve this issue as nobody wants to roam around in their home with a tangy smell all around. Enjoy the amazing monsoon rains and cool weather with cleanliness:


Yes, it sounds very funny but yes vodka can be used to remove the sour smell from almost everywhere. Just spray some vodka at the affected area and leave it for some time. Brush the place off and the smell is gone. Sounds so cool, right! Try it.

Use white vinegar

White vinegar is very useful in fighting bad odor. Keep a bowl full of white vinegar in your room and let it stay there. Within some days it will help to remove bad odor.

2016 2017 Winter Home Decorating Ideas After Christmas Home Decorating IdeasAllow the sun in

Cross Ventilation is very important so keep your windows and doors open to let the breeze and sunlight come in. If you can’t keep them open all the time, do it when there is cold breeze or sunlight. It helps to remove the dirty smell and freshens up the environment so don’t hesitate to try it once.

Lemon solution

Lemon is acidic and can wipe out musty smells. Mix some lemon juice and water to form a solution and apply it on the entire area from where the smell is coming. Follow it by wiping the floor again with water and soap. This will remove the smell and would also help you be safe from fungal infections.


Use the power of neem

Neem leaves have multiple uses as it helps to eradicate eye disorders, stomach upset, skin ulcers and gets you rid of the musty smell of the room and clothes as well. Keep some leaves still attached to its stem at the corner of your wardrobes, cupboards, and room till it is green and change the leaves once it dries. Do it whenever you feel that bad odor and you will get rid of that. It keeps fungus away too.

Tey these and free your home from all the damp and musty odor and enjoy an all new odor.