Clever organizing tips for a messy angel

messy teddy/ freedigitalphotos
messy teddy/ freedigitalphotos

Congratulations! You should be sent this messy but cute teddy since you clicked here. It simply means that you want to systematize your disorganized life. We put a lot of effort and spend a complete weekend to clean the mess but this clean story never last for more than two days.

There is lot of how to stay organized stuff on the internet, but looks like all those tips are curated by neat people who do not understand that untidiness is nature of some of us and within fortnight we can’t become an organized fairy.

So, here is a list of some clever tips which will make you LOOK LIKE a mess free angel.

Create a great bond with neat Sibling/Roommate

Befriend neat friends; pamper your siblings and roommate who can’t live in a mess. Sometimes our good behavior makes things go easy. In my experience, they clean your stuff which makes you guilty and next time you take care of the mess automatically. And this story goes on repetitive mode.

Spend some money

Alas! You have to do this to keep your cloths, kitchen and home in an organized way. Simply hire a maid for cleaning purpose that come with a magic wand in the evening and make your place worth living. For single girls like me, they are gift from god.

maid in india
Maid in india/

Make various homes in a home

Our things are like pet so create home for your books, slippers, to-be-washed clothes etc. Make sure duly send these stuffs to their respective place before going to sleep. Let them sleep comfortably in their nest and you sleep in yours.

Make your life colorful

Yes, monotony is boring and colors create magic so add colours to everything, from empty walls, to your wooden shelf. Adding colors doesn’t mean that you make rainbows everywhere, rather create a theme living place of your interest. Psychologically, messy people are creative and always look for a change. A creative makeover is the answer for a mess free life.

We understand that your laziness has no limits but at least follow these tips to make the people living with you feel comfortable. Also, a organized life will degrade the anxiety in the environment.

Share what you do to make your life mess free.