Five unusual uses of nail polish removers

Nail Polish removers
Nail Polish removers

Till now we only use nail polish removers to get rid of the chipped nail paints but not anymore because AAW list some unusual uses of nail polish removers. Read on…

Sanitizer: It acts as a sanitizer and helps you to sanitize metal objects like razor blades, scissors and other metal objects at home. Rub some acetone of their surface with the help of cotton and clean with water.

Cleaner: Besides removing the nail paint it helps in removing stains from bone china crockery and ink stains from clothes. Just tab some nail polish remover and wash them with water.

· You can also dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently scrub off the keyboard keys, this will make your desktop cleaner.

· In case of permanent marks like drawings on the walls or wallpaper soak cotton ball in the nail polish remover and rub it on the marks.

Removes stickers: The glue-y remnants of the sticker on the glass windows look ugly and annoying. Now just remove the goop of the sticker by wiping the area with remover, later cleansing it with soapy water and rinse. Apply the acetone with a gentle hand so you won’t remove the finish.

Shiner: To make your leather shoes look pristine just rub them with a sponge soaked in nail polish remover and see the difference.

Clean watch face: If you are unable to check the time from your favourite time piece because of stains and scratches than don’t worry. The solution is to apply some acetone on the plastic surface of the watch, this will help you get rid of those scratches but please be gentle.