Kitchen tips & tricks every woman must know!

Pen down all the tips/freedigitalphotos
Pen down all the tips/freedigitalphotos

Kitchen is an integral part of our home and most Indian women spend a major time cooking for their loved ones. Cooking and maintaining the kitchen is not an easy job, Aaw brings you some handy tips & tricks to maintain your kitchen and cook quick.

  • Put 3-4 cloves in sugar container to keep ants at bay.
  • Avoid using a plastic board as small plastic pieces may go with the vegetables.
  • Put some boric powder in kitchen corners and other places to keep cockroaches away.
  • To keep the chillies fresh for a longer time remove the stems before storing.
  • If the lemon is hard, put it in warm water for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to squeeze.
  • To prevent formation of ice, rub table salt to the insides of your freezer.
  • To make the over ripe tomatoes fresh just place them in cold water overnight and add some salt.
  • To prevent chopped brinjals from getting discoloured keep them in salted water.
  • Always keep dough covered with a moist cloth to avoid a dry crust from forming on it.
  • When boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to keep the shells from cracking.
  • If you are making gravy and accidentally burn it, just pour it into a clean pan and continue cooking it.
  • Put some rice grains in with your salt to absorb the moisture.
  • To help old wooden drawers (without runners) open and close smoothly, rub a candle on the tracks.
  • Always store mushrooms in paper bag in the refrigerator.