Ways to make fresh flowers last longer

make your flower bouquet last longer
Make your flower bouquet last longer

Flowers usually come (or are gifted) for special occasions and often we keep them in our crystal vases as centerpieces. We feel disheartened when we have to throw them but here are some super tricks to make your flower arrangement bloom vibrantly and stay fresh for a few more days.

Put flowers in water: Once you get a bouquet, trim the stems and immediately put them in water. Always trim flower stems at a diagonal angle. The later you keep them in water the quicker your flowers will die.

Dispirin: Dispirin contains aspirin which helps keep flowers alive and fresh for longer. Simply dissolve two tablets in the water you will add o your flowers. Don’t have disprins add a teaspoon of salt.

Hairspray: Hairspray helps flowers stay fresh and stand taller. Just a spritz of hairspray can stop flowers from wilting quicker. However do not dunk lots of hairspray in the flowers, keep an arm’s length gap. A gentle spritz below the flower petals and leaves will help the bouquet.

Don’t overcrowd the vase: Picking a smaller vase for a large bouquet means a quick death for your pretty flowers. A large vase ensures that air circulates between the buds. In a small vase flowers can’t breathe and might get bruised.

Add soda: Pour about a quarter cup of soda (liquid soda) in the water to make flowers last longer. Chose clear unflavoured soda, as it works best.

Do you have any tips to make flowers last longer? Do share with us by commenting below.