Kitchen habits you must ditch ASAP

Kitchen habits that spell disaster

Who has never burnt a roti or for that matter taken years to perfect a circle roti?

Well cooking can be difficult and at some point we have all done many mistakes while learning. But mistakes make it even more fun, i have eaten over spicy, over cooked, over oily versions of food befiore i could cook normal.  Many times we unknowingly do things that are not healthy kitchen habits and needs to be changed:

Not giving pans enough time to heat up


Know the reason why restaurant’s food tastes better than what made at home. The foremost reason is, their burners are much hotter than ours when they start with the process. For example, their fried rice always develops a smokier flavour than ours and a well heated pan makes all the difference.

Using the wrong oil

Lots of people think extra oil is good and some of us use the same oil to cook everything. However the same oil is not fit for every dish as differentiation in oil helps enhance flavours. Also moderation is always the key to healthy oil usage.

Constantly moving the food


You must resist moving around the food continuously while cooking. Over movement decreases the fragrance and breaks vegetables. Wait till the food looks a bit cooked.

You overcrowd the pan

Food needs space to move, cook evenly and perfectly. When you over crowd a pan, often cooking time increases and the food doesnt cook evenly. This is especially important for dishes like fish and chicken.



Overcooking or burning the food needs to be ditched too. The temperature should be monitored while cooking the dish.

Measuring dry ingredients in wet cups

Measuring the dry ingredients in wet cup always ruins them. Although the difference is small, the dry ingredients should always be measured in dry containers only. Wet ones ruin the dry ingredients in the container as well.