5 travel-safe essentials you must always have

Accessories no woman should travel without

Travel safe
Travel safe

The world is a beautiful place and travelling makes you know it a lot better. We all love to travel, who doesn’t? Well that euphoria of seeing a new place, making new memories and packing that pack are awesome. But travelling isn’t that easy and honestly, the world can be pretty goofed up. Here are 5 things every woman must carry every time you travel.

Travel safe
Travel safe

A money bag
Yes they look ridiculous but they save you a lot of hassle and keep your money safe. A money bag needn’t look like the pouch people usually use, you can invest in a hidden money bag that is like a sling bag and can be kept under your clothes. DO remember to take out some cash beforehand though.

Extra copies
From your passport, to the itinerary, to your tickets, print out three copies of every document you carry. Keep one with you. One in each of the bags you carry and for safety sake one at home. It has happened with people and it is no fun when your passport or important documents get misplaced on a journey.

A pepper spray
Time and again we stress carrying a pepper spray, not only it is a tool in case emergencies arise. It gives you a weird sense of freedom knowing you are safe and yet free as a bird when you travel.

Maintain a journal
Maintain a journal / freedigitalphotos

A travel journal
Stick those tickets you get for an amusement park, those weird toffee wrappers. A journal has beautiful memories, you would want to look back, read or feel. It brings out those tangible feelings and looking at things can trigger more memories.

Smartphones to be blamed for all the sleepless nights

An international SIM
Your mobile company needs to know when you head out. You can pick or change your plan to a travel friendly one, if you travel often. After all those facebook check-ins do matter!