Do’s and don’ts of travelling in hills

Travel like a pro in the hills

Travelling in hills

Summer holidays are vacation time for all! the most weekend vacation spot is hills! Travelling to hills is both exciting and complicated. Many get travelling sickness and others love the long journey. At Aaw office we often get queries related to mountain travelling. So here are few essentials  for a smooth and comfortable journey.

Carry medicines: A first aid kit is a foremost thing to pack. Make sure the kit has medicines for indigestion, nausea, headache, dizziness and acidity. Carry a hand sanitiser too. some toffees also help cure nausea.

Don’t overeat: Chips, fried food, cold drinks and highway dhaba food is undoubtedly yummy but avoid overeating to shun indigestion and acidity. Traveling is fun but remember overeating will spoil the fun and make you feel sick.

Travelling to the hills
Travelling to the hills

Keep extra polythene bags: For all those who get nauseousness while traveling in hills, keep some spare poly-bags to avoid embarrassment. If you are traveling in your vehicle than halting is easy but for those traveling by bus keeping a few plastic bags for throwing up is a good idea. Don’t forget to dispose the used bag asap to avoid inconvenience for co-passengers.

Avoid last seats: Last seats might be very uncomfortable, take front or middle ones for a smooth journey.

Carry a small blanket: Hill stations are cooler than plains, so keep a small blanket or bed-sheet with you, especially when traveling with kids. The temperature on hills dips, so to avoid falling ill and spoiling your trip, carrying a blanket is a must.

Avoid taking liquids: It’s easy to stop at vague highway joints when traveling by car. But a bus with 50 passengers only stops at designated ones. It is advisable to lower (we mean decrease and not stop) your liquid intake to avoid nature’s call every now and then.

 Have chewing gums and toffees: Keep chewing and toffees in your hand bag and pop it whenever you feel uneasy to avoid vomiting, headache and ear pressure.

Avoid looking at the abyss: Looking in the abyss can be very disturbing and dangerous. Secondly it will also give you a headache, dizziness and chances are that you might end throwing up.