Things you CAN and CANNOT pick from hotel rooms

List of items you can pick and the ones you cannot from luxurious hotel rooms:

There are many people who have a misconception that paying for an expensive hotel room means, everything present there belongs to them. However, there is a big difference between taking and stealing things? You cannot go to Grand Hyatt and bring hair dryers or mirrors from their accommodation.

Every hotel offers complementary stuff to their guests but going beyond that and keeping things quietly is unethical, if caught it’s too awkward and shameful also. So, here we have listed down some such common things that you can and cannot pick from hotel rooms.

Amenities you can take away with you:


You can always carry it in your bag and also ask for more.


Source- Alibaba

The sizes of their shampoos are made in such a way that it can only be used by a single individual.


Even the conditioners are included in your room charges so, you can pack them too.

Bathroom Slippers

Source- AliExpress

They are a casual cheap white slipper that a hotel never reuses, so you can surely take it along.


Its obvious using anyone’s razor is not good so it’s only for personal use and you can keep it.


Moisturizer is something that you might need many times so, keep it in your handbag and use when needed.

Beverage Kit

Source-BTS (Europe)

The left over packets of powdered milk, tea and coffee are complimentary so you can take it to your home.

Things you cannot take:

Source- Orbitz

Items like towels, irons, hairdryers, cable boxes, clock radios, blankets, paintings, ashtrays, TV remote controls, pillows, dressing gowns and mini bars are not allowed to take. Before thinking of packing anything in your luggage, ask the staff at least once because every hotel has different policies and, you never know for what they catch you.