9 reasons why brandy is the best drink in winters

Here are some reasons why brandy is the best drink in winters:

Unlike many other alcoholic drinks, Brandy has its share of health benefits too. A glass of brandy in moderate quantities does more good than harm in fact it has been called liquid fire and many people swear by its healing properties.

Did you know brandy is considered an American drink and is known for its numerous cures?

  1. Many people over the centuries believe that brandy helps ward off the chill during the winter months. In fact, infants were also given brandy mixed with honey in winters to help their bodies stay warm. So have a small shot before you head out in those thin party clothes this winter season.
  2. Brandy helps cure many illnesses. In fact, brandy mixed with honey and ginger helps cure a cold. It is said that sailors are given brandy with hot water to cure sore throat. Brandy help eases the pain of cough and cold. Plus it is known to help clear the sinuses too.
    Recipe: Ginger Brandy Toddy Ginger is a known antioxidant and immunity booster, a warm ginger brandy drink makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. To make toddy simply mix a few drops of juice extracted from ginger with a small shot of brandy and add hot water, lemon, and a bit of honey.
    3. According to the artistic imagination of English painter Edwin Landseer, legend says that Augustine monks hung brandy barrels around the necks of St. Bernard rescue dogs to help revive frostbitten pilgrims in the Swiss Alps.
    4. Did you know that brandy’s alcohol content pegged at 35-80% ensures that blood vessels dilated bring warmth to your body and a rosy flush to your cheeks.
    5. Brandy is a great mixer in winter drinks, make some warm toddy or add it to your hot chocolate. Brandy complements hot drinks so it makes the perfect winter drink.
    6. Brandy is said to be a great hangover cure. A small shot is all you need to revive your system from that binge alcohol session.

    Hennessy cognac
    Cognac is also a form of brandy

    7. Did you know that Cognac is also a brandy from the Cognac region of France. It gets its unique fruity taste with some peach preserves and mint.
    8. Feeling sluggish and lazy? Well researchers say that a 30 ml shot of brandy has surprising benefits for heart health and immune function. A shot of brandy has antioxidant potential and can be compared to the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C.


9. The high amount of alcohol in brandy helps relive of toothache. Just dab some on a swab of cotton and place on the affected teeth and the brandy will burn the gum and give you a tingly pain that you will no longer notice the toothache.

PS, while we love that occasional glass of brandy you do not want to put stress on your liver or the rest of your system by overdoing on brandy. Try one glass a night maximum!