How to get rid of the winter ‘maskne’?

Details about the acne caused by masks in winters and some precautionary measures:

The presence of global pandemic CoViD-19 means that the winters of 2020-21 are unlike any of the previous winter seasons. With safety masks on at all times and frequent sanitization practices, a few other skin related problems have appeared beside the usual dryness and scaling.

Safety masks collect sweat and very often do not allow the appropriate passage of air through them. It has lead to the arrival of a new form of acne referred to as ‘maskne’ which, according to Samaira, can be avoided. Here are some of the renowned makeup artist’s suggestions:

  • Prefer a disposable mask!

Using the same mask, again and again, turns it into a breeding ground for certain bacteria and fungi. So in order to avoid acne caused by the masks, one must take to the use of disposable masks.

  • Avoid foundation creams!

One has two options when it comes to foundations which come as both liquid foundation creams and foundation matte or powder. Masks lead to smudging of liquid foundation and the latter can thus lead to oily skin and acne. So, avoiding liquid foundation creams can help prevent the ‘maskne’.

  • Measures for the reusable masks!

It might not be possible for everyone to keep using disposable masks and buy them one after the other. So for someone who resorts to the use of a reusable mask, it is necessary to keep the mask clean and the face even cleaner. So, one must clean the face with a non-comedogenic wash every time after the mask is removed.

Article by makeup artist Samaira Sandhu